What Clients are Saying About Roger

I found your seminar to be very engaging! In a very positive and encouraging way, you got me to take a good look inward, challenge the way I think. Not only did you provide great tips to building trusting teams, you reminded me it starts with self-awareness; knowing my own strengths and weaknesses, what I bring to the party and how I connect with others. It was a very informative and enlightening seminar, thank you!”
Susan W., Lands’ End

Roger recently presented at the IIBA Madison Chapter meeting on Building Trusting Teams: Get More Done. I found him very knowledgeable about the topic of building trust. I noticed that attendees found his presentation both engaging and informative. He has a relaxed, interactive stage presence that helps participants engage actively and learn.”
Joe Goss, VP Professional Development & Certification, IIBA Greater Madison Chapter

“Roger Wolkoff spoke with us about ‘What happens when you are real’ in dealing with others. He spoke of accountability in communications, how to be aware of the right communications style for a given situation, and how to remain true to who you are. Vulnerability is not a weakness; it’s a strength that people appreciate. The more you convince people you’re trustworthy and authentic, the more loyalty you’ll command. No matter our occupation, it’s all about people and relationships. His talk was filled with enthusiasm and humor, with plenty of interactivity.”
 Jack Ferreri, Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton

“Roger Wolkoff has the remarkable ability to connect with people in a way that is meaningful, non-threatening, and inspiring.  He talks about how we talk with one another, how we tend to evade connecting at a deep and personal level; then he talks about approaches we can take to overcome that.  He delivers his message with a kind and sensitive voice, giving you the feeling that it’s safe to be yourself, and to talk about the things you usually don’t, because it usually does not feel safe.  Hearing his message inspired me to work hard on improving my communication, to chip away at the walls I put up that keep me from satisfying and meaningful conversation.  He listens.”
Peter Gascoyne, Economic Modeling Solutions

“Roger presented a program to our group on Authentic Communication that really engaged the audience.  He clearly spoke to the need to be real with people in order to build trust in your relationships.  He was down to earth and it was easy to take away a few points that can be applied immediately.”
Pamela Rich, President, Metris Growth, LLC

“Roger lives his message.  His authentic approach to each interaction embodies the trust and rapport that he teaches.”
Som Varma, Rotary Club of Madison-After Hours

“All About Authenticity” is more than the name of Roger’s business… it’s a statement of who Roger is. He’s a true champion of authenticity who legitimately walks the talk in his daily life. Passion, commitment, humor and integrity are just part of the package when you work with him. Combine the qualities above with more than a decade of training, team leadership, business analysis and project management and the result is a savvy, engaging human being who is deeply committed to improving communication, culture and team functionality within organizations. I cannot recommend working with Roger highly enough.”
Jacy Imilkowski, PMP, Speaker, Trainer, Personal and Professional Development Coach