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Whether you are looking for an inspirational, motivational or keynote speaker, Roger is excited to deliver presentations and breakout sessions on these topics. He will gladly customize content to meet your specific organization and audience needs. All offerings are available as keynote and breakout speeches, training, and development and team coaching sessions where you and Roger will explore topics more in-depth (deep dive). Please reach out to engage him and discuss your needs and goals.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Communication Trainer

What Happens When You’re Real: Authentic Communication and Trust
Communication is about accountability, responsibility, and transparency. When you are clear, consistent and confident with others, remarkable things happen. You connect, engage, and are more likely to trust. Excellent communication means being present, owning your messages and active listening. Building trust and trusting relationships require courage, vulnerability, and risk. Find out what it’s like to bring your authentic self to everything you do!


  • Increased productivity
  • Performing employees
  • Engaged customers


Funny Motivational Speaker & Team Coaching

Building Trusting Teams: Get More Done
Teams are everywhere. If you are not leading a team, you are on one. Trust is essential to build and maintain functioning and successful teams. Learn how you can communicate better, get more done, and engage leadership and stakeholders with confidence and respect. Discover how you get to trust quickly, communicate with intent and purpose, and maintain solid working relationships. Understand how to use communication and trust as your building blocks to propel you to success faster, remove roadblocks, and equip you with the right tools to handle difficult situations.


  • Make decisions easier
  • Get to “done” faster and with fewer disruptions
  • Enjoy the rewards of your projects and initiatives sooner


Motivational Speaker & Executive Leadership Coach

Authentic Leadership: Reality or Myth?
Using a three-faceted model — The A.R.T. of Authenticity — you will discover how accountability, responsibility, and transparency start and keep you on a path of authentic leadership. You will analyze and examine current research and stories supporting and challenging what authentic leadership means. What can you learn from years of examples and stories? Where have you succeeded and where can you extend your knowledge? Going beyond accountability training, you will learn what it takes to be an authentic leader, how you can practice authentic leadership — and why it matters.


  • Up your accountability and trust
  • Awareness of how you relate to others
  • Understand your role or roles
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Roadmap of your future and legacy


Inspirational Speaker & Communication Trainer

How to V.E.T. Trust
Trust – it’s hard to give. You want it, need it, and it is necessary for foundational communication and success. The sooner you get to trust, the easier it is to have genuine conversations, perform meaningful work, and be comfortable in your self-being. Using a model based on vulnerability, empathy, and transparency, you will come away from this program with immediate takeaways you can use to be more efficient and fulfilled in your work and personal life.


  • Work better and smarter with colleagues
  • Get what you need and give what others need to be more successful
  • Safely approach vulnerability and trust

Whether you have questions or are ready to book Roger for one of his presentations, feel free to contact us anytime.