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Authenticity Builds a Solid Foundation

Through experience, Roger has found that when you build foundations where trust and good communication are valued, you will have engaged employees. If you have engaged employees, you will have engaged customers. Engaged customers mean people are buying your products and services.

Roger is a helper, fixer, and rescuer — the 411 and 911 of projects. You call him when your project is off the rails. He has spent the better part of 15 years initiating, fixing, and rescuing projects. He is excited to share his experience with you. His success with teams comes down to two things: communication and trust. These are the first things he addresses with every team. They are the foundation on which to build everything else.

Excellent communication means being honest and genuine — in other words, authentic — which means being accountable, responsible, and transparent. Being successful also means building and maintaining trusting relationships. Key elements of trusting relationships are vulnerability, honesty, and empathy. It’s that simple. Getting to the root cause of issues is half the battle. Acting on it and developing great habits is the fun part.

Communicating effectively and building trusting teams can be challenging. You have to be able to read and decode body language, tone, intent, and meaning. Today’s virtual and remote landscape make communicating and developing trust even more challenging.

The most common problems with teams are communication and trust. That’s it. By addressing communication and trust, teams are empowered to accomplish anything. Engaging in good communication and establishing trust enables people to have intelligent, rational, authentic conversations about time, money and capacity. With communication and trust, leadership will have faith in your recommendations, rely on your projections and plans, and will support your efforts.

Whether you hire him as an inspirational and motivational speaker or employ his skills for team coaching, Roger can show you how to build and maintain healthy relationships that help you accomplish and achieve your goals. Want that job or contract? Counting on your new social media marketing campaign launching successfully? Developing a new product or service? You need to be able to communicate efficiently, and you need to develop and maintain trust with your co-workers and teams.


Motivational Keynote Speaker & Team Coaching
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With more than 25 years of corporate experience, Roger has:

  • Led many successful teams
  • Driven change — from downsizing to industry-changing initiatives
  • Encountered a wide variety of communication styles (and learning more every day!)
  • Been immersed in many cultures — from the blasé to the super-progressive

He has lived it — the good, the bad, and the exciting. He’s gone through many change initiatives and come out the other side and lived to tell about it!

Roger’s work experience includes project manager, business analyst, training manager, competitive marketing manager, software and programming trainer, tech support lead, network administrator, application developer, editor, and textbook sales representative.

He received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Rochester, NY, and his M.B.A from Edgewood College in Madison, WI. Roger received his Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin — Madison.

He is an author of numerous print and online articles and is the author of a forthcoming book.

For more information about Roger, please contact us.

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